6 Ways to Encourage Someone and Yourself Effectively


Do you include people who care with other people or the environment? Usually, people like this become the target to motivate their friends or family. It turns out what is/ how to encourage someone is not easy if they never do it. Only people with a smooth-heart can do it. However, you do not allow

24 Quotes about Self Confidence on Success


When did you first realize that you were confident to say ‘no’ to others? Is it when you were a teenager when you were adolescence, or even when you were at adulthood age? For some people, saying ‘no’ or refusing someone else’s invitation requires great courage. When he feels it is time to please others

5 Ways to Change Negative Mindset into Positive


If we have a negative mindset, it will certainly hinder us from going forward to be better. We will be a person who is afraid to face everything because our minds have embedded negative sentences. Finally, we just stay put and be passive because we don’t dare to take steps to move. For that we

5 Things That Successful People Usually Do in the Morning


Monday is the start of the workweek. Usually, the office atmosphere is much busier than usual days. Many people feel stressed, sad, depressed, depressed, and become lazy to start work on Monday. Quoted from time.com, most successful people are aware of the dynamics of work on Monday. To ensure the day runs smoothly and remains