12 Ways to Release the Negative Psychology Effects of the Past

All of us have had painful experiences, both physically and emotionally. The thing that differentiates is the way we respond and overcome the pain. The experience left by family members, divorced, betrayed by couples, harassed by friends, for example, can provide emotional burdens that have been carried over for years. This can be burdensome and

How to overcome Excessive Anger According to Islamic Teachings

Anger is something that is sometimes difficult to avoid. But even so, the Prophet Muhammad had advised that we can avoid anger. So if possible, we avoid things that can make us angry or not angry when you are in a situation that is likely to be angry. According to simpliways, by following the rules

Negative Effects of Hoaxes That You Need to Know When You Trust

Hoax, according to the understanding that I got so far, was news that did not really happen that was distributed for certain purposes.     Generally, hoax news contains negative things. Many of the goals of news hoaxes, among others, are to scare the reader, to spread hatred towards certain people or institutions, or it

Anger Management : Tips for Controlling Your Anger

Everyone must ever be angry. Anger is a natural expression that is almost certainly experienced by everyone. Anger is interpreted as an expression/response made as a result of a mismatch of what is desired with the results obtained. Angry does not always have to be interpreted as a negative thing. Anger can also have a

5 Ways to Control Anger When You Start Getting Angry

Anger is something that we cannot sometimes avoid. Many things can make us angry. Can be from within yourself or environmental factors. Anger is a reaction to things that are not in accordance with one’s wishes or desires. The thing to realize is that when excessive anger can have an impact on health factors such