6 Steps to Measure Blood Pressure Independently at Home


Checking blood pressure correctly and independently at home is the main thing to know someone who has high blood pressure. According to Dr. Tan, someone whose blood is examined by a medical team, for example in a doctor can have higher blood test results, because they are already worried or stressed when facing a white-collar

Recommendation to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally


High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic disease that often affects adults. This condition is not heart disease but an artery of the arteries. High blood pressure is one of the 3 main risk factors for cardiovascular disease. By controlling blood pressure can also reduce the risk of kidney disease. Blood pressure that is

15 Healthy and Practical Snacks for You who are Super Busy


Like snacking but want healthy snacks and stay slim? How to? Some examples in this list will make your choices easier. 15 Healthy and Practical snacks Before lunch Eat a mixture of quality carbohydrates and protein for energy throughout the morning. Add fruit for color and supply of antioxidants. Grapes, crackers (plain) crackers and soy

How to Measure Your Ideal Weight in a Simple Way


How to calculate the ideal weight? Most people measure the ideal body only from the appearance. They want to be slim until thin without know the real ideal body measure. Indeed, there is a body mass index as the guide to measure your weight. Alongside that, there are other methods as to how to figure

How to Measure the body’s daily Nutritional Needs

Knowing and Measuring the body's daily Nutritional Needs

Doing a diet means we manage how we eat and nutrition intake to be healthier. For a diet to succeed, you need to adjust your nutritional needs according to one’s daily calorie needs. A person’s calorie needs vary based on the category of BMI which can be measured based on a comparison between body weight

What is the Difference between a Vegetable and a Fruit?

What is the difference between vegetable and fruit

Do you know that tomatoes are a type of vegetable? If you answer yes, you can be right or wrong. Tomatoes are a type of fruit according to botanists. But according to nutritionists (experts on food combining) tomatoes are categorized as vegetables. What about avocados? Many who think avocados are a type of fruit. In