5 Quotes for Bullying Victims from Successful Figures

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Today bullying is a topic that is widely discussed. Various cases of abuse against people who are considered different are weak, often occur in various places.

Worse, the bully actors feel great and innocent of their actions. Though the effect is very large for the psychological victim.

It was proven in 2015, according to Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa, 40% of Indonesian children committed suicide in frustration after becoming victims of bullying.

Therefore, it is important for a bullying victim to get the spirit to stay patient and love themselves more. It’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t.

For those of you who also experience abuse from others, you must be able to motivate yourself from the inside.

Some of the following motivational quotes, from people who have successfully passed the difficult times, can be used as a spirit enhancer.

Motivational Quotes to Stay Strong Even though Often Bullied

You may not be able to forget other people who harassed you, but you still have the opportunity to rise from this unpleasant experience.

Be sure that God believes that you can deal with it.

Embed strength in your heart by reading some motivational wisdom from successful people who have also experienced similar things. Here’s the phrase.

Surviving yourself, you are the best

Motivational bullying quotes

“There are things that are bullied everywhere. Those who are bullied, you are not alone. You who are bullied, the only important opinion is your opinion and never change.” – Keylie Jenner

It’s hard to change people who have ‘disease’ in their hearts. No matter how good your behavior, maybe it will still be seen as bad and blamed by them.

All the ridicule or harsh words they say to you, need to be ignored. Let’s just say you are healthy and they are sick.

You must still be yourself, keep striving to achieve your dreams. Stop their bullies with achievements.

Changing hurt feelings into a spirit of achievement

Motivational bullying quotes

“When I experience mental wounds, I fight in the form of anger. But all the anger, disappointment, humiliation, I turned it into energy to prove that I was not what they imagined.” – Sudhamek

As a normal human being, it’s natural that you are angry and hurt to face ridicule from others. But most importantly, don’t get worse with it all. You must have the courage to change that feeling into a spirit of proof that you are better than them.

Yes, those who insult are often lower than you. Keep being nice to him and reply with brilliant achievements.

One day maybe they just ask for your help. As the story of Sudhamek, the founder of GarudaFood, is now included in the ranks of the richest people in Indonesia, whereas in the past it was often called ‘orang kere’ (poor people).

Make deficiencies a gap for better

Motivational bullying quotes

“I started to compromise with the experience (bully). I made a twist of the story. That it turned out that by calling me an elephant, they prayed for the good for me.” – Tulus

Who does not know Tulus, a famous Indonesian singer with a hit song called elephant?

Apparently, the song is a past experience that has been bullying because it has a large body.

There is nothing wrong with you making Tulus’s story an inspiration. Make the shortcomings that you have as weapons to be more advanced than others. Most important, love whatever your condition is.

Different is good, fight!

Motivational bullying quotes

“Don’t be afraid to be different or voice your mind, because that’s what sets you apart from others.” – Dave Thomas

God created all different people to complement each other. Never be afraid when you are physically, thoughtfully or otherwise different.

Often the uniqueness is actually the key to success. Amazing findings start from someone’s thinking that is different from the general.

You don’t need to be afraid of other people’s ridicule as long as it’s true. Be sure that everything will turn to praise when you succeed in proving success.

Your job is not to please others, but to do the best for your life.

Strong is able to rise again

Motivational bullying quotes

“Strong people are not those who always win. But those who remain strong when they fall.” – Kahlil Gibran

The wrong assumption that the person who can bully is strong. In fact, they are weak, lack of love, so they look for other people to be insulted and blamed.

For those of you who now get ridicule, but still strong, you are a really strong person.

Let them say what until one day feels tired. Most importantly, you still do good and focus on dreams.

Does this motivational wisdom help you? Stop getting worse in sadness because of bullying.

You still have people full of love and dreams that need to be fought for. Prove that you can be better. Keep the spirit, Okay.

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