12 Bob Sadino’s Quirky and Funny Quotes about being an Entrepreneur

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Through his eccentric quotes, Bob Sadino advised many entrepreneurs to stay focused when running a business.

Many entrepreneurs who have jumped into the business, when they start to make a profit, will certainly be easily tempted by other business ideas.

But every new business that does not support the previous business will add to the expenditure of time and energy, which of course will reduce the effort in carrying out previous businesses.

This is what Bob Sadino criticized a lot through his business quotes. Let’s follow the eccentric quotes below!

Bob Sadino’s Funny Business Quotes

Don’t Expect Much

Business quotes funny

“There are too many hopes that don’t match reality. So, what are you hoping for?” – Bob Sadino   

According to Bob Sadino, in business, hope (desire) is sought not too much or even eliminated (sincere/ surrender to God).

If we expect too much, there will be a lot of consideration and planning that can prevent someone from focusing on moving forward.

The different between ‘smart’ people and ‘stupid’ people

Business quotes funny

“Smart people usually have the most hope. Even want to succeed instantly. In fact, everything is impossible! An idiot hopes only one; today can eat!” – Bob Sadino   

Again, Bob Sadino said that in a business do not expect much, especially to succeed instantly.

People who expect too much are likened to smart people who have many considerations.

Many hopes will cause someone to be out of focus.

We can imitate poor people who only have the desire to fulfill their primary needs. They will focus on what can be done just to survive.

Business quotes funny

“Smart people are usually a lot of ideas, maybe even too many ideas, so none of them come true. Whereas ‘stupid’ people may only have one idea, and one idea is the choice of their business.” – Bob Sadino   

When starting a business, we should focus on one main idea, because too many plans can lead to failure in the business (too much idea will make you fail!). Surely with the many desires, you become out of focus.

Success among Many Failures

Business quotes funny

“Success is a small point at the top of a mountain of failures. So if you want to succeed, look for failure as much as possible.” – Bob Sadino   

Not easy to achieve success. At least there are many failures that might be passed before achieving success in business. To stay on track to achieve success, make failure a lesson, and stepping stone to move forward.

Knowledge of Practice is everywhere

“Knowledge is scattered everywhere in the entire world, far more than what is in a school building or campus. Even a chicken can provide valuable knowledge and inspiration …” – Bob Sadino  

The knowledge, according to Bob Sadino, is a field of practical knowledge that can be obtained from various activities while doing business.

Compared to the knowledge that is on campus which is mostly in the form of theoretical science, according to Bob Sadino, practical knowledge in business is broader in scope.

For example, in business theory, location is one of the important factors to get customers.

But you also need to jump in directly to see the location and observe how the conditions of people passing around the place of your wanted business.

When you watch people pass over and over again, you can come up with an idea in your brain that you should open a business selling coffee that can be delivered, because it turns out that many people pass through your place are office people or workers who often stop at coffee shops.

You can provide coffee that is more varied and tastes better.

Walking Continues to Achieve Success

“One step is enough. I got rid of pebbles. Step again. Meet thorn, I breed. Step again. Blocked by the hole I jumped over. Step again. Seeing the fire I backed away. Step again. Keep going and solve problems.” – Bob Sadino  

There is no smooth way when we want to get what we aspire to. There could be problems that will be encountered.

Problems can come from yourself (lack of self-motivation) or come from outside yourself such as lack of capital, no place for running a business, lack of experience, knowledge, and others.

According to Bob Sadino’s business quotes, do your plan step by step.

If there is an obstacle when walking, do not turn around. Overcome these obstacles by finding out the cause of the problem and learn from those who have already managed to overcome the same problem …

For example, when you want to get extra income by doing business, you are constrained by capital, try to overcome by finding business partners or learn from other entrepreneurs you know.

There are still many obstacles that you will encounter in the future, do not be surprised, stay patient, focus, and keep trying.

Focus in Business

Business quotes funny

“Smart people often underestimate the word focus. For him, doing a lot of things are more fun. While ‘stupid’ people have no other activities except focus on their business.” – Bob Sadino   

Having multiple businesses or livelihood does look good and seems safer for backup when our other businesses don’t work.

But in practice, this is difficult. When we don’t focus on one business, we will spend more and more time, and the results achieved in each business are not optimal while our business rivals that focus on the same business have stepped forward and gained more customers.

That’s why Bob Sadino says that smart people (too many ideas) are often not focused on doing business because they have too many businesses implemented that often don’t go as expected.

‘Stupid’ people don’t consider too much

‘Stupid’ people are usually more daring than ‘smart’ people. Why? Because ‘stupid’ people often don’t think complicated or much consideration. He is nothing to lose. Conversely, ‘smart’ people are too much consideration.” – Bob Sadino  

The ‘stupid’ person that Bob Sadino refers to in the quote above is a person who doesn’t have too much consideration when doing business. People like this will continue to learn from experience and try better when facing failure.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Have to Be Smart

Business quotes funny

“Entrepreneurs don’t have to be smart in everything. But you have to be good at finding smart people.” – Bob Sadino

Entrepreneurs must have entrepreneurial souls and also have the marketing spirit and know how to hire smart people.

They don’t need to be involved much technically because an entrepreneur should focus more on developing his business.

Delegate technical matters to people who are more skilled in their fields.

Tips for Success in Business

“Kem Chicks grew to be like now because of two things, because it served what was asked, because I created the market.” – Bob Sadino

Kem Chicks is the name of the company as well as the brand built by Bod Sadino, which is engaged in agro-business and has become one of the largest providers of food needs focusing on meeting the needs of expatriates or the upper middle class.

The thing that makes Kem Chicks famous, according to Bob Sadino, is because it meets market needs and creates markets (new markets). New markets can be created with innovations to add value.

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Enjoy Your Job

“Have you enjoyed what has been done so far? If not, then you may only work hard. Immediately look for other fields that you can enjoy so you don’t need to get a hardworking stamp! But rather the connoisseurs of work. .” – Bob Sadino  

According to Bob Sadino through his wise questions, we need to enjoy what we do. If we cannot enjoy it, we should look for another job or jump into the business world that suits our talents and interests.

Patterned People Difficult to Do Business

Business quotes funny

“My experience shows, people like you (who are patterned, uniform and stiff), will not become rich, even to death!” – Bob Sadino   

Being a successful person must be flexible, said Bob Sadino through his wise caption. You must be able to change your habits a little and be creative in running your business and work.

Those are some business quotes from eccentric entrepreneur, Bob Sadino, that contain lots of advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Hopefully, we can reap the good lessons behind each advice or Bob Sadino’s eccentric words above!

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