10 Most Enchanting Beach Tourism accompanied by the Beach Quotes

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Are you planning a vacation to the beach with family or colleagues? Yes, the beach is one of the most pleasant natural tourist destinations.

Because here a lot of activities can be done, such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, enjoying the sunrise or sunset, and many more.

More than that, a vacation to the beach is believed to be good for health. Starting from relieving stress, increasing creativity, reducing depression, nourish the skin, to strengthen the body’s immune system.

As is known, in this world there are many beautiful beaches. However, not all of them can be said to be interesting to visit, because of various things, such as difficult access, lack of facilities, or others.

Therefore, this time it will be informed of the most beautiful beaches in the world which could be your best destination list.

10 Most Enchanting Beach Tourism accompanied by the Beach Quotes

Every country has the most beautiful beaches that can be visited.

Each offers a different attraction, both that is purely shaped by nature and additional facilities from beach facilitators.

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world located in various parts of the world, including:

Kuta Beach (Bali, Indonesia)

Bali Kuta Beach Quotes

“The sea always fills one’s heart with longing, even for what he is never sure of.” – Cornelia Funke

Nobody can deny the beauty of the beaches in Indonesia. As an archipelago, this homeland has a range of islands with beauty like heaven on earth.

One such beach is Kuta, Bali. This beach is never deserted every day from local and foreign tourists who relax to enjoy the soft sand and cool breeze.

Its location is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, making sunset views can be seen clearly and beautifully.

In addition, the big waves make Kuta the best surfing spot. No wonder that along the coast many surfboards are rented with prices varying according to size and quality.

However, the average surfboard rental price is around Rp 150 thousand / 2 hours. Well, for those of you who are still beginners in the world of surfing, can hire experienced coach services.

After surfing, you can try the pleasure of massage oil massage services from coconut mixed with salt at a cost of Rp 75 thousand / hour. Guaranteed the body will be more fresh and healthy.

Many foreign tourists who like massage services. You don’t need to worry about the facilities. Because Kuta beach has been equipped with hotels, restaurants with various kinds of culinary, small traders, shopping centers (the closest is the Beachwalk Shopping Center and Discovery Shopping Mall).

The good news, there is no entrance fee for this beach, or free.

Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

Bondi Beach Quotes

“As many stars in the sky, sand on the beach, and rain drops. God’s goodness is even more.”

Moving towards the southeast of Indonesia, there is Bondi beach which is included in the ranks of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Bondi Beach is 7 km east of Sydney’s central business district.

Usually, visits to Bondi Beach will be crowded near the end of the year or New Year’s Eve. Because at that time there will be a fireworks display that is very amazing.

A variety of exciting activities can be done on the beach with golden sand, ranging from sunbathing, jogging, swimming, tracking on cliffs along the 6 km, and much more.

More than that, various events are often held here, including community art performances, City to Surf marathon, kite festival (Festival of the Winds), Bondi Winter Magic Festival.

Not just enjoying the beauty of the beach, you also gain a lot of knowledge. Because in Bondi Beach there is the Bondi Pavilion Community Center which consists of the Marine Discovery Center, theatrical stage, exhibition galleries and outdoor amphitheatre.

Specifically, in the Marine Discovery Center, you can learn a variety of amazing Australian marine animals.

The best time to come to Bondi Beach is in the spring and winter.

In spring there will be an art exhibition by Sculpture by the Sea held along the Bondi route to Tamarama Beach.

Whereas when it is winter, you will witness the ice rink, which is part of the Bondi Winter Magic Festival.

Furthermore, for facilities, Bondi Beach provides hotels, cafes and restaurants with a variety of typical Australian menus.

One of the quite luxurious and famous restaurants is Bondi Icebergs.

Then, along the main road by the beach, there are many shops lined up where you can find surfing equipment, clothes, local crafts, and much more.

Interestingly, every week there will be schools that hold Bondi Beach Markets, where you can get various items at bargain prices.

Palawan Coast (Philippines)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“In science we resemble children collecting a few pebbles at the beach of knowledge, while the wide ocean of the unknown unfolds itself in front of us.” – Sir Isaac Newton

For you lovers of the beauty of the underwater park, the Palawan beach is the best choice. As proof, Palawa has received an annual award as the best island in the world by Travel + Leisure with a score of 93, 71.

As the most beautiful beach in the world, every day this beach is visited by local and foreign tourists to do snorkeling and diving.

Palawa Beach is a vacation spot that offers a sense of calm as well as adventure.

You can get peace from a combination of sand, waves, and the cool breeze.

While the adventure you can get by along the 8.2 km underground river which is between the cliffs and limestone rocks.

The river is known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At least you need 5-6 days to explore all the beauty in this corner of the island.

Negril Beach (Jamaica)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“The sea doesn’t like to be restrained” – Rick Riordan

Want to feel the sensation of Jamaica with its beautiful beaches?

Come soon to Negril Beach, Jamaica. Here the facilitator has provided Rick’s Cafe with red, yellow and green ornaments.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world consists of two sides, namely gently sloping sand and coral rocks with a height of about 30 meters.

On this stretch of sand, you can enjoy the relaxed sunbathing after swimming, playing volleyball, or other beach games. The waves are not so big will bring a calmer atmosphere.

While in the reef area you can clearly see the beautiful views of the Negril coast as a whole.

Bahia Solano Beach (Colombia)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“The one who goes the furthest in general is the one who wants and dares to do something. An ordinary ship is never far from the coastline.” – Dale Carnagie

At Bahia Solano Beach you can watch the back and forth of fishermen who are hunting fish in the high seas.

Interestingly, you can come to their boat to enjoy the sensation of going around the beach as well as the way the fishermen look for fish.

This will certainly provide an interesting experience for you.

In addition, from the beach, you can also see how beautiful the sea with turquoise and clear water.

The wind from the waves will make you feel the relaxation that can reduce stress.

Swimming at this beach is also not to be missed.

Next to the facilities, on the most beautiful beach in the world, there are lots of places to shop for clothes and souvenirs, restaurants with a variety of typical Colombian menus, and several hotels with a variety of value.

Enjoying Bahia Solano beach at night can be a fun and relaxing choice.

Navagio Beach (Greece)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“The ocean is vast, but certainly and there must be a beautiful beach far away. Surely, if we keep rowing, rowing and rowing.” – Jiddu K

Have you ever watched the Korean drama series, Descendants of The Sun which is quite phenomenal?

If so, you are certainly familiar with the beautiful beach settings. Apparently, the beach is a Navagio beach located in Greece.

Limestone cliffs surround the journey to the Navagio beach, so you can only use a boat to get there.

Arriving at the location, you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and clear blue sea.

Nobody can deny the beauty of the Navagio beach. Evidently, in 2013, National Geographic Netherlands Belgie named it the most beautiful beach in the world.

As in the drama Descendants of The Sun, here you can take pictures on a ship that sank and is now on the beach. Reporting from Zantewreck.com, the ship is owned by Charalambos Kompothekras which in 1980 made a voyage from Cephalonia to Albania.

But then had an accident due to bad weather and finally stranded on the island of Zakynthos until now.

In addition, this beach is also often used as a base jumping. High cliffs are enough to trigger adrenaline.

The best time to visit the Navagio beach is in the morning or above 3 pm because at that time there were many ships available.

Pink Sands Beach Beach (Harbor Island, Bahamas)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach.” – Anne Morrow L

As the name suggests, this beach has pink sand and soft. This color is said to come from the shell of a small marine animal named Foraminifera.

While the softness is produced from pieces of shells, coral, and calcium from plankton that live in these waters.

The uniqueness of the color of the sand is an attraction for tourists to visit the Pink Sands Beach.

Most of them use this beach as a honeymoon because the atmosphere is quite romantic.

The water is not too cold to make you free to swim at any time. In addition, you can also enjoy diving, snorkeling, hunting fish, or going around using a boat.

The best time to visit the beach with pink sand is in the morning. Because you will see how beautiful when the sun shines on the surface of the sea.

As for facilities on the most beautiful beach in the world, you can enjoy a variety of fresh seafood in restaurants that line along the beach or shop for souvenirs in Dunmore Town.

Maui Beach (Hawaii)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“With rhymes, I say longing; the sea is on the shore that salt its froth.” – Jamal T.S.

Who does not know the news of the beauty of Hawaii? Islands in the United States has a lot of beautiful natural charm. One of them is the island of Maui or dubbed The Valley Isle.

This beach offers a beauty that comes from a combination of soft sand, clear blue seawater, and lush tropical trees.

The charm is more complete with the mountains and valleys that display sunrise and sunset. No wonder this place is known as the most beautiful beach in the world.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this beach provides everything that tourists are looking for. For those of you who like water sports, can do windsurfing, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and so on.

Because the condition of the seawater is extraordinary. Evidently, this beach often hosts a number of international water sports competitions.

While for you who need adventure, you can explore the National Park on the island of Maui. Usually, tourists make the trek along the Hana Highway.

Because this road is surrounded by beautiful scenery, among others, grove of forests, several waterfalls, and views towards the open sea. Hana Highway has 620 curves and 59 bridges.

No need to worry, there are lots of cool and comfortable spots that you can make for a short break.

Speaking of facilities, Maui beach has various types of accommodation. Ranging from ordinary lodging, hotels, to bungalows.

In fact, you can also do camping, because here are some cool spots that are suitable for camping.

Nungwi Beach (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Inspirational Beach Quotes
via expedia.com

“The waves, the beach sand, the gentle breeze and the beautiful scenery are reasons to always return to visit the beach.”

It turns out that in East Africa, precisely in Tanzania, there is a very beautiful sea, namely Nungwi Beach.

Here you will be presented with views of the beach with turquoise water.

Interestingly, a lot of things are done by local residents and become cultural values in the local area. Some of them, women who spread their nets to get fish, children play the ball along the beach at sunset, and sunset jumper shows.

For those of you who don’t know, sunset jumpers are moments when many people will be competing to jump upside down into the water against the background of the setting sun.

You will not lose coming to one of the most popular beaches in the world, because the culinary deserves thumbs up.

Every dish that is served is rich with the most delicious spices.

No wonder the island is dubbed as Spice Island. If you come here, you must try processed sea fish, which is a mainstay menu.

In addition, there are also many accommodation options for tourists. Ranging from luxury resorts, hotels, ordinary lodgings, to bungalows.

Las Baulas National Park Beach (Playa Grande, Costa Rica)

Inspirational Beach Quotes

“Life is a colorful journey with all the laughter and excitement. Going to the beach can be a sweet choice for visiting childhood.”

Costa Rica has long been famous for its natural beauty. No wonder Las Baulas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Almost every foreign tourist visiting Central America has never missed a destination included in this National Park.

They are interested in visiting the mangrove forest which is a place for the conservation of flora and fauna in the coastal area.

If you visit between November and March, you can see hundreds of giant female turtles or leatherback turtles that are laying eggs.

And if you are lucky, you will experience the fun of sending turtle children to the beach.

Furthermore, for those of you who want to trigger a bit of adrenaline, you can take a boat to follow the flow of rivers and swamps filled with crocodiles. But not to worry, during the trip you will be guided by experienced officers.

The entrance ticket to Las Baulas National Park is $ 10 and the best time to visit is from November to March.

For those of you who are interested in coming here, you can take the closest route, from Santa Cruz, then Belen and Huacas, and finally arrive at Matapolo Playa Grande. This trip is about 52 km.

Thus the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The earliest, you must visit the beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Next, please choose the beach that interests you.

Prepare everything well, starting from health, budget, and so forth. If you need to use travel services so that your time and facilities while on vacation can be arranged properly.

Enjoy a vacation with family or colleagues on the most beautiful beach of your dreams.

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