Anger Management : Tips for Controlling Your Anger

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Everyone must ever be angry. Anger is a natural expression that is almost certainly experienced by everyone. Anger is interpreted as an expression/response made as a result of a mismatch of what is desired with the results obtained.

Angry does not always have to be interpreted as a negative thing. Anger can also have a positive impact if we can do it / control it in the right way, at the right time and the right person. The positive effects of anger can be in the form of problem-solving, self-confidence, expression of feelings, getting what you want.

Anger management

It can be interpreted that anger is a form of body communication through the feeling that something is not following the desired results. It is our act of feeling disappointed that is called anger.

Many things can cause someone to be angry. Anger can be caused by someone being hurt, feeling tyrannized, jealousy, being humiliated, being lied to, being disrespected, forcing people to do something they want, and so on.

Another influential factor is also the nature of childhood due to education from parents or the environment. Also, eating habits can also affect one’s feelings.

For example, people who are accustomed to eating foods that cause high blood pressure will be more easily provoked by emotions than people who maintain their diet and healthy life.

The important thing is that it is necessary for someone to identify the cause of his anger before he goes further.

Negative things that can be caused by uncontrolled anger such as health problems (high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, stress, and depression, decreased immunity), disruption of relationships with other people and the perception of people (labeled angry).

Anger that can have a negative impact is anger expressed aggressively.

The most obvious example of negative anger in our society is when there is a fight at a plenary session due to the disappointment of parliamentarians about the outcome of a meeting or a dispute with other MPs. Also fights between students are quite troubling.

Whereas the anger that has a certain purpose we also see has been shown by our leaders, including our President.

As well as the most obvious ex-governor of DKI Jakarta (Indonesia), Ahok. Ahok, we often see on television showing his distinctive style of speaking as it is (blunt) and when angry will convey a word that may be for some people to feel “rough” or “spicy.”

Here if we see Ahok’s anger aims that the person he scolded obeys/follows what he wants.

So Ahok’s anger can have a positive impact (especially if in a state of urgency), but it can also have an adverse effect on relationships with people who are scolded as a result of the way they are done in public and “spicy” language style, to the points or clear blurted out earlier.

It is almost sure that anger that cannot be controlled or managed correctly can have a detrimental or adverse effect especially for those who are experiencing anger and those who are scolded.

So it’s essential for us to know how to control anger, especially if it often happens to us.

Tips to Manage Your Anger

Controlling anger means reducing the negative impact of anger and maximizing its positive impact. When you are angry, you can do the following:

Prevent and Overcome Your Anger

Prevent your anger and overcome the things that have made you mad in a wise way:

• Get to know yourself
• Do important work now before it becomes urgent
• When you make a mistake learn from your mistakes rather than you, get angry
• Avoid criticizing, blaming or complaining.
• Learn to say no.
• Choose a job that you are interested in and likes.
• Present your ideas by thinking for a moment, anticipating, then completing your work even if only for a moment.
• Organize your mind and work desk for 5 minutes every 1 hour when you are working.
• Accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot receive.
• Say sorry at the right time to reduce other anger.
• Never be angry with people, where you have no interest in it.
• Learn to listen.
• Do not reply to e-mails when you are mad, because it is likely that you will lose your objectivity.
• Don’t expect perfection in everything.
• Don’t go to sleep in an uncertain state of mind, calm your mind first and convince yourself that there is still tomorrow to solve your problem or work.
• Do not expect things that exceed your ability (excessive).
• Working is the best way to relieve anger, work (find a useful activity) to ease your anger.
• The absence of a decision can make you angry, make your choice.
• If you continue to fail, reduce your standardization to reduce your angry habits.
• Remember that you cannot change others as easily as you change yourself.
• Don’t just look at the mistakes of people you want to anger, but also see what they have done well / right.

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Reduce Your Anger

When you are angry to remember the tip following the 1-2-3 turtle (imagine you are a turtle):

1. Enter into your shell. Think before the act. Take a short break.
2. Out of the shell then take a deep breath four times. Be relaxed, calm your mind.
3. Walk slowly like a turtle while thinking of a good solution to the problem that has caused you anger.

• Drink lots of water
• Think of people who have made you smile. When you are losing your temper, think of people who have made you happy, the opposite of your anger.
• Listen to music. Music can function to relieve anger.
• Meditate. Take time to be alone for a moment; then you can do meditation to reduce your anger.

Thus the tips for overcoming anger from hopefully the tips above can be useful both for the author himself and for visitors who read it.

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