10 Ways to Manage Time to Increase Work Productivity

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In doing work often we are still confused what needs to be done first.

Often a person’s work becomes delayed because his schedule does not have a clear target time to complete the work.

10 Ways to Manage Time to Increase Work Productivity

The following are tips for managing time so that you can avoid things that can make you ineffective in completing a job:

10 Ways to Manage Time to Increase Work Productivity

Plan a Priority List

You need to plan a list of priority jobs that you need to complete.

Give a sequence of planning the most important work for you to complete then give the time needed to complete the work.

Dividing time must be done to the task in the order of their importance.

Organize your tasks

Tasks that have similarities can be grouped in one group so you can complete them simultaneously.

Avoid working on different tasks at almost the same time.

Try to finish the same work in the same time so that your mind does not easily branch out and try to manage time as efficiently as possible in completing work.

Direct your mind

The more you direct your mind to complete the work you want to complete, the easier you can complete the work.

Create a conducive environment and avoid distractions that can prevent you from completing work.


If possible, delegate or give work to others, if the work can be completed by someone you trust.

Your productivity will increase if you can divide the work effectively.

Plan to Avoid Interference

Plan so that you avoid distractions while doing your work.

The more you concentrate on doing work without interruption, the better results will be achieved.

Efficient and concise in communication

The more efficient and concise you are in communicating the easier it is for someone to grasp your intentions.

Try not to waste a lot of words when explaining something so that the time to capture and explain your intentions is also more effective.

Making decision ! (Avoid Procrastination)

Switching, delaying or not making an immediate decision can become a time-consuming habit.

It also eliminates opportunities, and makes you more stressed at the time limit you have set.

This you need to avoid so that you can do the work more quietly and of course the results obtained are more leverage if you have the remaining time.

Tips to avoid procrastination: If you find it difficult to start work, break each task into smaller tasks. Suppose you want to write a book, don’t write a book immediately.

Just write the main chapter or section. After that you can utilize each task solving efficiently.

Suppose you can use the time when you are waiting and so on.

Get to know your productive time

Everyone’s productive time is different.

If you are someone who likes to do work in the morning after you wake up, do the most priority work, maybe you can use that time to solve problems at work.

Do not use productive time to do work that is not so important or routine work.

Avoid Perfection at Work

You should be results oriented and you need to understand the tradeoff between efficiency and perfection.

You must learn to say no because saying no is a most effective saving and time management technique.

Even so you don’t have to say no often to save your time.

Reward Yourself

If you can achieve your goals or you can manage your time efficiently, reward yourself.

These are tips for managing time so that the results of the work you do can be more productive and maximal.

Hopefully, these time management tips can be useful.

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